Color in aviation


What's your favourite colour?

No, the color of the fuselage of airliners is not a pleasure choice dictated by the company's CEO but has very specific reasons: branding, safety and economy.


Branding: perhaps the most "obvious" of the three reasons. The color of the fuselage of an airplane allows easy recognition by users / travelers both "on groud" and in flight and it is known that being recognizable today is essential to be also memorable (if we say orange, what airline company is there in mind? ... Easy!).

Safety: however, we can almost all agree that the dominant color of airlines is always white. This choice is due to a better cooling of the vehicle (it is known that white is a color that reflects and absorbs less than dark shades) and above all the choice of white allows you to more immediately identify any cracks or dents on the aircraft.


Economy: yes, economies come into play here too. In fact, did you know that white is the color that best resists the wear and tear of time? So think about the accumulated savings a company can have when time has less impact on the paint job.

Nice to know:

Did you know that from the "factory" the fuselages do not come out painted in white, but in green? This is in fact the color of the anticorrosive agent that is applied to cover, white, comes later!