Simple but not easy

Check Before Flight has taken off!

We are online with this new platform which aims to be the connection point between those who want to approach the world of aviation and all the training offer that today can be found in the Academies.


Why simple but not easy?

Because the birth of this platform required a lot of energy and it requires it even now that we are online. Surely not everything will be perfect and, as in all beautiful things, the growth and continuous "feeding" of content will allow us to align everything and be more and more performing.

Simple because this is our prerogative: to be able to tell in a simple way something that is absolutely not easy. Aviation and training in this field are a cosmos to be discovered and which is often subject to misunderstandings or regulatory conundrums that we want to unleash in order to make everything usable!


Are you ready to get on board?

Any suggestion you can think of and that you want to send us will be a creative booster for us, so do not hesitate and write to!